Friday, June 06, 2008

Merry Christmas Stocking

This stocking is for a class at The Country Loft on July 25th - and now it is no longer a Christmas Surprise class as shown in the schedule! The stocking will be in the shop next Tuesday afternoon (arriving via UPS) if you want to see it in person. It's a fun & quick Christmas project - I hope some of you will join me to make it!
xoxx, Renée


Anonymous said...

Cute stocking Renee, I was all set to sign up for the class and then realized that it is right in the middle of the run. If you have a chance we would love to have you stop by. Sheryl

quiltdolls said...

That is really cute. I know joanna & kathy have signed up for the class. Everyone who goes to the loft was so excited you named Joann
in your newest book.
My mother & i will be at long beach that weekend. So have fun.