Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Precious Metal Clay

a necklace started ala Nina Bagley style

earrings . . . with the Nina knot

The charms on the left are stamped little nests with eggs . . . this is my first PMC clay attempt - just what I need another creative outlet - HA! Thanks Lisa - you know it's your fault!

Bob is off on a fly fishing trip to Lee's Ferry, so yesterday I went to the first showing of Hairspray with a friend. The music was great - it was very entertaining - always my idea of a good movie. Bob and I saw Live Free, Die Hard on Saturday before he left . . . also enjoyable if you think of it as a comedy. LOL Caution: use my reviews if you are the sort that likes mindless entertainment! My theory is if I want to think or be depressed I will read the newspaper. I just added Carrie Underwood's Some Hearts to my iPod . . . she rocks! LOVE "Before He Cheats on ME" the lyrics make me laugh EVERY time! A perfect work out tune!
xoxx, Renée


Anonymous said...

I just love it! I have never seen metal clay before. What will you do with the nest charms - jewelry? or add to your artwork?

Maija said...

Your PMC work is wonderful!! I have used it in the past (learned from Steie at Ink It) and really enjoyed it. Is there anyplace local that sells the clasy and will "rent" out their kiln?